Jupiter NEXT Arium Ballroom: Located on the second floor of Jupiter NEXT with sweeping views up and down Burnside Street, this 3000 square feet of ballroom space offers a light, airy daytime vibe. Complete with tall ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and it’s own private secret garden, This space is perfect for daytime creativity or twinkling evening elegance. Innovate, create, party or plan. The possibilities are endless.

Total occupancy:
• Classroom - 150
• Theater - 250
• Seated dinner - 175
• Cocktail party - 300

Jupiter NEXT Secret Garden: Hidden away on the second floor of the Jupiter NEXT, this 1620 square foot Secret Garden is lined with lush bamboo and creates a magical sanctuary. Perfect for both evening and daytime cocktail receptions, social gatherings, yoga practices or innovative meetings, this unique outdoor space boasts both privacy and inspiration at its finest.

Total occupancy:
• Theater = 75
• Cocktail party = 100

Jupiter NEXT Bunker: Located on the second floor of Jupiter NEXT overlooking the vibrant urban views of Burnside Street, this 450 square foot boardroom space is perfect for a more intimate meeting of the minds. Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, a full blackboard wall, flat screen monitor, wifi, whiteboard, executive table and beautiful leather chairs, this space was made to get the creative juices flowing.

Total occupancy:
• Boardroom = 20
• Classroom = 24
• Theater = 20
• Cocktail = 30